Market Information

With the rapid increase in population and advanced development of infrastructure, the rising demand for cleaning solutions is rapidly gaining momentum in the East African region. The Cleaning & Hygiene Industry is growing with high-end hotels and buildings being opened every day. Remarkable opportunities are available for manufacturers and distributors of cleaning equipment, chemicals and hygiene products to generate business in this lucrative market. All governments and associations are also fully onboard to welcome all Green & Sustainable cleaning solutions that will save water, use less energy and help generate less waste in the African continent.

The East African market caters to the vast 500 million population of the Eastern African Region who rely on goods that come across the region’s busy ports because of their lenient trade policies. As of 2019, economic growth in East Africa is soaring ahead of other regions in the African continent at close to 7% economic prospects largely because of expansions in the telecommunications sector, transport, and construction (African Development Bank Regional Economic Outlook Reports 2019). It was also ranked by the World Bank among top regions in Africa to invest in their ease of doing business rating.