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Market Information

With a liberalized external trade system, an ever-growing economy, political stability and world-class infrastructure in place, Kenya is generally perceived as the Eastern and Central Africa's hub for regional trade, investment, infrastructure development and general economic growth. The Beauty & Personal Care Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Kenya having grown by 400 percent in four years from KSH 26 billion in 2018 to over KSH 100 billion in 2022.

As of 2022, the country’s population hit 55 million with more than 50% of them being the youth population. Kenya’s mushrooming population presents an extraordinary opportunity that lies in the potential for a so-called demographic dividend of sustained rapid economic growth in the coming decades. The demographic dividend promises social and economic policies that promote open trade, flexible labor markets and investments in all sectors including the development and infrastructure sector, education and public health, and luxuries for the youthful population

The trade advantages do not stop there. It also caters to the 500 million populations of the Eastern African Region who rely on goods that come across the Kenyan busy ports because of their lenient trade policies. As of 2022, economic prospects were positive with above 6% GDP growth expected largely because of expansions in the telecommunications sector, transport, construction and a recovery in agriculture. It was also ranked by the World Bank among top countries to invest in their ease of doing business rating.