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Exhibitors from various countries
Visitors from all over west and central africa

What is a Virtual Trade Show?

With the current Global Situation & severe travel restrictions, exports of many companies around the globe have been adversely affected. This is where the concept of virtual events comes into the picture, bringing it beyond a physical venue, making it available to individuals beyond their travel & safety limits and providing high scalability

A virtual trade show is an online version of an event to view and display the products and services. Participants can watch the online presentation of the product, and can also meet exhibitors online. The exhibitor can reach out to a large number of audiences and prospective visitors.

Virtual Trade Shows happen over the internet (online). No matter where you are in the world, what kind of devices you use, when you’re available, virtual events come with great benefits and scope for everyone specially the attendees. The organizer has the chance to invite attendees from several countries & not be limited to the host country.

Flexibilities are immense for each Exhibitor. And most important it is a very cost-effective option.